Possible Boot Loop

Need some help getting my Ring pro set back up.

My ring pro suddenly stopped working one day and would not reconnect to my wifi. I noticed that about 1/3 of the time the button pressed my mechanical chime would still ring though so I figured it may be a power issue and bypassed the old mechanical chime in my house. When I turned the power back on my ring has been stuck in a loop and I cant find anything online about the light patter on the front either. The white light on the front will spin around once before glowing/pulsing a handful of times and then move to solid white. After 10-15 seconds the light goes off before starting the process over shortly after. I can press the button when the white light is illuminated and it rings but then turns off. I can also hold the orange reset button on the side and the blue light flashes quickly before turning off and starting the loop over. I’ve confirmed I’m getting about 17.4 volts at both the transformer and at the doorbell. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Side note, the old mechanical doorbell still has the wiring for an old doorbell on the side of the house hooked up that clearly doesnt work anymore since I am bypassing the mechanical chime.

Hi there, @accan! It looks like you’ve covered all the right steps here. When a device falls offline, it will either be due to power or wifi related variables. As you are device in not entering setup mode, in order to reconnect, this may be a sign of low power. I recommend looking over this Hardwiring Checklist I put together which will give you all the variables to consider. Try also allowing your Video Doorbell Pro to sit on power for some time before pressing any buttons, to see if it will power up and connect.

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