Positioning Ring doorbell on an angle

I’ve got a Ring doorbell on my front door, and added one to my back door. Since it faces south, I had to position it quite high to be out of the sun. I also used the corner kit to angle it to the right, because there’s a long wall on the left. (I want the doorbell for both a doorbell and security camera.)

Ring sells a wedge kit, that angles the doorbell down, and I wonder if I can combine the wedge kit and corner kit. I’m attaching a photo of what I see currently from the doorbell.

Hi @kirkmc1. Although you are able to stack a Wedge Kit on a Corner Kit or vice versa, I do not recommend mounting it higher than the suggested installation height. Your Doorbell should be mounted anywhere in between four feet and four and a half feet from the ground up. If it is placed higher, your Doorbells’ Motion Detection and other features may not work as expected. I hope this helps.