Port Scan on Ring-5D32 Security Device

Anyone aware of why IP would be atempting to scan port 1194 on my security device? Seen this alert on my firewall every 12 hours since I installed a few days ago and if I look up the address it is registered to adscore.com in the uk.

I currently have this blocked and am not seeing any issues with ring security features/functionality.

I am in the uk and have had other rings products for a few years but never seen this before. I am not sure if this is tied in to some of the behaviour ring seems to have been called out on recently with add/data info selling.

Hey @simplynotsimon. After checking with the appropriate teams, I was able to confirm with them that Ring Alarm does not use port 1194. Therefore, since this port is in no way associated to us, I recommend to continue to have this blocked so that you do not see any issues with your router’s settings and internet configuration. Continuing to block this should not affect the performance of your Ring Alarm system, nor your other Ring devices. :slight_smile:

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