Pop up message not connected to the internet

after the last update on my phone for the ring app I started to get this message on my phone every time i am in the ring app or view a video and close the app, it pops up saying “Youre not connected to the internet. Please try again after reconnecting” this is frustrating to say the least it pops up every 5 seconds until i go into my phone and physically close out the app completely considering I am not even on my wifi on my phone and it keeps popping up.

Hi @Steph4. Are you still having this concern? I see no other neighbors chimed in here, so I just wanted to see if this is still occurring for you. If you could, please attach a screenshot of the message you get, or even better, a screen recording of this pop up happening every time you open the Ring app! If you can get the recording, please compress it into a zip file to attach in your reply here. :slight_smile:

Yes I am still having the issue with the pop up, attached a picture, I just viewed a video and now still having the pop up on the bottom of the phome when I close the video.

@Steph4 This is generally an error that will display when your wifi is having a hard time connecting. Do you see this error when you have wifi disabled and are just using mobile data?