Poor WiFi wuery

I have a brand new router because I upgraded to fibre, this is situated in the window of the box room, which is above the front door. The distance between the router and doorbell is about 5ft but signal strength is 82 plus live view only works occasionally. Can any advise be given as to what are the ideal WiFi settings should be?

Hi there, @nickishome! With the RSSI reading you’ve described, it looks like there might be some interference between the router and Video Doorbell. While the proximity seems close enough to work, being separated by a level might have some unknown obstacles in the immediate signal path. Relocating this router might be the quickest solution, if that is an option. Even moving the router around in the current room it’s in might help.

Depending on Video Doorbell model and router type, I recommend using a 2.4 ghz connection, if you are not already. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I have limited positions that I can move the router because of power and Lan cables but the question is if I move the router further into the room or another room there will be more not less walls between the doorbell and the router or does WiFi work best if the doorbell and router are on the same level regardless of walls?


Good question, and this answer might vary depending on certain factors. Ultimately, an abrupt blockage of wifi signal is worse than a gradually dampening obstacle. For example, wifi cannot connect to your device if it is 5 feet away inside a sealed metal box, however, it likely would connect 50 feet away without the metal box. With this in mind, the separation of a floor/ ceiling level might be more impacting than on the same level a couple rooms away. It’s worth a try, but if the wifi signal path does not seem to be more efficient than the router’s current location, and extender might help.

As you mentioned the router being so close, the extender would not be for distance, but rather to be used as a check point to avoid certain obstacles. Feel free to also browse around the Community for any neighbor shared solutions where someone may have had a similar scenario to yours.

Ok thanks I will try an extender

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Perfect! In a scenario where your layout has a plug outlet available half way between the router and Doorbell, with a direct line of signal to an extender, and then a direct enough path between the extender and Video Doorbell, this would be optimal placement.

If you do not yet have an extender, our Chime Pro is an excellent way to dedicate an extended signal just for your Ring devices! :slight_smile: