Poor WiFi signal on ring doorbell 3 plus, next to the router

Hello, my router is 50 cm far from the ring doorbell ( behind the cavity wall), but my “ring doorbell 3 plus” mostly showing poor signal/connection. Is there any way that I can fix it or that’s the device problem? If that’s the device problem, will ring Replace the device? I bought it less than a year ago.
Any help/ tip appreciated.

Hi @Mark_gh. To clarify, are you saying that there is a wall between your router and your Doorbell? It’s worth noting that while distance does impact the signal strength with wifi, if there is a wall between the Doorbell and router this can also impact it as different building materials can cause different levels of interference. You can find some more information on how to improve wifi signals in our Help Center Article here. It’s also important to check the RSSI on your Doorbell to see what that is indicating. I hope this information is helpful.