Poor WiFi connection

Hello. I’m having issues with my RSSI. it’s showing 73… So I moved my router nearer. Its now about 5 foot away from my doorbell. With a connection speed of 72Mbps. I then reconnected my doorbell to my WiFi and the RSSI improved to 46. But 10 minutes later it dropped back to 73. Any ideas what might be my problem

Wifi signal to your Ring device should not fluctuate that greatly, but can depending on certain factors. Here are some possibilities:

  • Wifi signal being blocked by large appliances or electronics (refrigerator, microwave, television, etc.).
  • Mesh network or multiple Wifi access points that broadcast the same network, in which they are switching connections.
  • 5Ghz connections are great, but 2.4 Ghz wifi is best over distance and through exterior walls.
  • Ensure the router being used is up to date and intended for streaming and connecting many wifi enabled devices over a distance.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is the problem I’m having. Once I’ve done the initial set up (press orange button) and given the choice of what network to connect to all the available network are good (full green signal strength) and my RSSI is in the mid 40s but as soon as I do a live view all available networks are poor and start having problems. It’s if my ring doorbell shuts down the receiving signal when it goes live View or motion detected. I’ve had my device less than a week and already done about 20 resets and each time is the same

@user2463 Split your WiFi bands on your router and force the Ring Doorbell to connect to 2.4ghz. You will find 2.4ghz works much better for Ring devices as it has to go through an exterior wall.

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Hi. My router is set on 2.4 and I tried all channels as well. Also when I tried setting it up with my video doorbell sat next to my router I still had the same issue