Poor Wi-fi in garden

Hi everyone, I have several Ring Stick up cams in my garden to monitor wildlife, mainly at night. Problem is my wi-fi signal is poor to say the least (RSSI in the late 70’s) despite the cameras being only about 3 metres away from my hub (through one wall) I’ve tried positioning the Ring Chime closer to the cameras and the signal hasn’t improved.

My question is, could anyone recommend any way I could get a better signal to the cameras without spending too much?

Hi @clover25. The Ring Chime does not work as a WiFi extender. The Ring Chime Pro does work as a WiFi extender. If you do have the Chime Pro, you want to make sure you have connected the Cameras to the Chime Pro’s network. You can do so by checking the Device Health of your Camera and looking in the Network section. You should see it say Chime Pro Network for Network Name. If you do not have the Chime Pro, then I would recommend looking into upgrading your router to a WiFi mesh system; this should help increase the range of your wifi, which is helpful when one has multiple Ring Cameras with poor signal strength. An example of a mesh system would be an Eero system. I hope this helps.