Poor video quality on devices

My video on all devices are not HD video at all. I even just recently hooked up a chime pro to try and see if it was a WiFi signal issue. This did not help. I’m very disappointed.

Unfortunately that’s what cheap security type cameras produce. I have non-Ring cameras that are about the same.
I can only imagine that once the Ring device takes the video and compresses it while uploading to Ring’s servers.
If you want crystal clear images you’d need to spend 4x+ more than you did on the Ring devices.

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Yeah well if it’s advertised as 1080p then it should be 1080p! Ridiculous!

I think people just need to have realistic expectations. Yes, these are 1080p cameras, but it isn’t going to be like watching a movie on your home TV. The cameras that take those movies are easily $10K and up. Your doorbell camera (no matter who the manufacturer is) isn’t going to live up to that quality.
Someday in the future, probably.

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