Poor video on live or recording on only two cams

I’ve been having issues with two of my cameras. They seem to be very pixelated and blurry. A few weeks ago it was only happening every once in awhile and now it’s Non-Stop. Hence I don’t have any other issues with any other cameras. I have tried rebooting them from scratch and also powering them off and on and even moving my router closer but nothing fixes the pixelation. I have other cameras around the same area or others that are much further away that don’t have this issue at all. I’ve called my ISP and checked on speeds and have no issues at all. Looking for some advice or recommendations.

Hi @user49281. Performing a reboot and a power cycle of your Cameras was a good troubleshooting step to start with. Which model of Security Cameras are we working with? The model name is on the Device Health page. Also, what is the RSSI number on the Device Health screen for each of these Cameras? The RSSI is a measurement of how strong the signal to the device is, and can help us with troubleshooting.