Poor Video Doorbell 2 experience

I wish someone had told me this before I bought the Ring VD2 less than 2 years ago from Costco. Even with low activity/events it never held a charge more than a month or two and recently started totally depleting within a week or two. Tired of constantly having to recharge it, I finally called Ring’s customer service. They verified through testing that the unit is defective, yet will not stand behind their product and replace it. Though they did offer to sell me a replacement for $100!? I already have a $200 defective unit, why in the world would I want to have $300 invested in such a poor quality product supported by poor customer service?? So just be aware that Ring could expect you to spend an average of $150 a year on your Ring VD2 just to keep it working, in addition to the optional paid monthly subscriptions. Fortunately there are many other great options from Nest, ADT, Simplisafe, Blink, Arlo, etc.

Hey Mark! The Video Doorbell 2 features a removable battery. If this is indeed the model of Video Doorbell you have, check back with support to see if a replacement battery might be the solution. Otherwise, for future reference, please look into our Protect Plus plan which would extend a device’s warranty to ensure it can be replaced if something were to happen after a year of use.

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Hey Marley! It is indeed the model doorbell I have, as clearly mentioned in the first sentence of my comments. Also mentioned was the fact that your support team verified that it is not a battery issue, but a defective unit. Though I’m sure you would be more than happy to sell me another battery without remorse. Is there a cost for your Protect Plus plan? If so, are you suggesting your customers should pay to protect your defective units?

Wow that sucks! Ring should stand behind their products. I recently purchased one of their Ring 2 doorbells. I was amazed how much they wanted for the subscription ($30 for one cam per year). D-link gives you 3 cameras for a yearly subscription of $25! Plus their customer technical service is excellent. They are there 24/7!