Poor Video Connection


I have had a ring doorbell v1 for a while at work and its always been perfect, I can live view video via rapid ring and ring apps almost instantly.

I decided as it was so good to purchase one for home use, so purchased and installed a doorbell v2 model. The FW is completly up to date, battery fully charged etc.

However i initially noticed that when trying to live view via either app it more often than not, does not show the video and flicks between starting live view, establishing connection and its completly hit and miss, sometimes it doesnt work at all.

I thought maybe a poor wifi connection, so have placed a wifi repeater behind the door its mounted to, I ironically have a lower rssi on the home bell of approx 50 than I do on the bell at work, yet have constant issues with viewing video on home bell.

I have speed tested original wifi connection at front door, and then again with the replacement wifi and even tried using a different SSID and channel. Average but stable speed are between 20-40 Mbps.

I have tried everything I can to rectifiy this issue and fail to understand why the workhop bell has a higher rssi (worse connection) is further away from the router and works perfectly, yet the home bell (v2) seems to struggle.

Any advice much appreciated as getting ready to just take it down and choose another brand

Thanks in advance guys and girls

I forgot to add (as I think it’s relevant…maybe!)

That if or when the video does start streaming I don’t get any video and or audio drop outs at all, intact I can sit and watch it for 20 mins with no issues or dropouts, to me suggesting it’s not a WiFi issue!

Hey @Pico. It sounds like the device is having a concern with the initial connection to the app, which is normally related to upload speeds in the home, or some settings on the router that need to be changed to allow the device to connect faster. When doing the speed tests, what is your upload/download speeds? To do a true test of this, please turn off your mobile data, keep wifi only on, and do a speed test from your mobile phone on wifi only, right next to the Doorbell’s install location in your home. Let me know what these speeds are, if the upload speeds are low and around 4-6 Mbps, this may be why there is a lag at first. Other devices in the home, streaming services, and so on, could be restricting the Live View from loading up faster. I also think testing out the home Doorbell with the Rapid Ring app will be a good test of this too!

Second option is to make sure ports and protocols are opened up for your home wifi network as well. Feel free to contact your ISP to make these changes, but you will need to follow our Help Article here for these changes. Once these changes have been made, monitor the Doorbell and how it performs over the following 24 hours. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply.

In relation to speeds, I have speed tested the WiFi next to the door bell and about 10 metres further away and have average downloads of between 30-40 Mbps and upload of around 12 Mbps. So this is as far as I can see never going or be a speed and or signal strength issue.

I will check the appropriate router ports and report back my findings. However I am not convinced as if ports required opening then surly the issue would not come and go it would simply work or not work?

Also this issue is present on both apps as stated, i generally always use the rapid ring app anyway. The main ring app always connected to the bell instantly but viewing live view is almost impossible

@Pico Thanks for getting back to me! I’m glad you are using the Rapid Ring app as well, as this is going to help with the load times overall. Sometimes opening up these ports and making sure the settings on your router are as they need to be will help keep it stable in working all of the time instead of some of the time like you’ve been running into. It sounds like the extra security measures that may be on your router may be slowing down the “acceptance” of the Live Viewing process.

After adjusting your router settings, and viewing the Live View over the next couple days, if you still have a poor video connection, please reach out to our support team here just to be sure! They can look into your Device Health with you after making these changes and see what your RSSI is, and if there’s another way to improve this poor connection. I also recommend checking the wifi speeds at your business complex as well! Maybe there is a higher upload speed available for your work’s Doorbell which is why this one seems to not have problems, as the faster your upload speeds (20-30 Mbps for upload, download normally 50+), the faster the Live View will load and have the connection.

Hi Chelsea_Ring. Would you be able to explain why are you saying here that speeds of about 4 - 6 mbps are at the low end and can cause issue when Ring company s advertising doorbell2 as minimum 1mbpsand and Ring recommended speed is 2mbps? It seems like false advertisiment. Please see photo attached.

@Tititj Rest assured that our advertisements are still correct! This is simply just my personal recommendation, which is why I had mentioned it. Please note that the requirements for the devices are the bare minimum, and based off of no other usage with those Mpbs in the wifi network. Therefore, this means that 1-2 Mpbs of your upload/download speed will be needed for this device to function properly. Most neighbors that are in the situation where they have 12 Mpbs upload (download normally much higher), may run into concerns if they have a family in the home too. The reason why is because the family members could be using the Mpbs at any time - whether it’s streaming videos, playing games that require an internet connection, and much more with the internet or simply just using their phones.

Even though the Ring device is connected, the speeds the device was once given when it was first setup may not be available if they are being used elsewhere by other people on the wifi network. That is my point is all! Especially during a time like this with everyone that is in a home, needing to be home, we’ve seen neighbors run into a poor connection concern more often than not, so I like to discuss all possible variables. :slight_smile: