Poor support

At a previous address had a ring doorbell for 2 years with no problem. After moving I purchased a ring 2nd generation doorbell for new home. After having the app tell me to take the ring and charge it (even though it is wired) it attempted a firmware update and thereafter refused to work. Called customer service, they determined defective and would send a replacement within 5 days A week later, called ring support again to ask where my replacement was. Support person said he could see where it was ordered to be shipped out, but could see that it was not. All he could do was escalate and i would hear back within 72 hours. 3 days later I call again afer hearing nothing. I am put on hold and after waiting for 5 minutes or so am told that I will receive an email within 30 minutes with shipping information. That was two and a half hours ago. I am done with ring. Next call is to get a refund. This is not customer service.

Hi @drh. This is not the experience we want you to have here at Ring. Has this issue been resolved? Typically, you will receive an email when the replacement is processed. I would be sure to check your junk and spam folders to make sure it wasn’t filtered out. Let me know if this has not been resolved and I will be sure to contact the appropriate team to assist you. :smiley: