Poor RSSI score

Hi there
I have been having problems with missed events blurry images and completely black images the motion detection is at the maximum level but still missing events! RSSI is never below -60 so suggests my signal is bad. I have the fastest internet with VM 1 Gig. I have tried calling Ring and have been charged £27.36 for a 7 minute call! I’m not happy about this please sort this out! We have an open plan house and router is about 6 metres from the front door with only the wall in its path. I have paid over £150 for this doorbell and it does not seem fit for purpose! Looking forward to hearing from you. Leanne

Hi @Leannesrt. Any fees charged for phone calls made would be charged by your network provider, so I recommend clarifying those fees with them. If you are outside of the US, you can find a list of international numbers for our support team here. As for what you’re experiencing with your Doorbell, these behaviors are usually caused by an unstable wifi connection. You can learn more about RSSI in this Community post, and you can find some tips on wifi interference here. Wifi signals don’t travel well through walls, so reducing any other possible sources of interference could help, as well as moving the router closer to the Doorbell if you’re able to.