Poor RSSI issue

I have a ring video doorbell 2 with the top of the line Google mesh WiFi. Fast! I consistently have a RSSI on my door bell of -59. The video is fine but audio is choppy all the time. Some times I have no audio at all. I have the Google WiFi directly on the other side of the wall from the doorbell. Same result. I tried connecting to the chime pro, and even the “guest network” on the Google WiFi. All same result. I am wondering if I got a defective doorbell somehow. I’ve tried taking the battery out and re-inserting it. It’s not my WiFi. I am certain of that. Someone please help!!

So just to clarify, you connected the Chime Pro to the mesh network and then your Ring device to the Chime Pro? And you’re still having issues? If so, it might be time for a 3 way call with Ring & your router provider.

Yes. But isn’t that what it would be for any internet set up Mesh or not? Chime pro is basically an extender anyway so it’s a three way call no matter what kind of network you have. In the end I tried all combinations of networks, chime pro, no chime pro, regular network, guest network, reinstalling it, etc. still choppy audio even with good RSSI (-42) when I had it. On the phone with Ring for over an hour to resolve it. In the end they are sending me a new Doorbell 2. We shall see.

Same problem here. Sounded like Charlie Brown adults on the Ring when I answered it. They sent two new ones to me. It’s better than before but nothing as clear as they show on TV for the sound. The picture is awesome though.

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I have 2 ring 2 doorbells, the one closer to the router has a higher rssi value-63, the one further away has the better ( green ) value of -52, it’s not a router issue, every other device works fine, nothing I do changes that rssi value. Both doorbells are about 25 feet away. I don’t know how to achieve the mystical value of low 40’s or better. Maybe if I had a tiny house and both doors were 5 feet from router, maybe the rssi would be stronger, or ring should just acknowledge all these problems and just fix them instead of just fire sale them through the holidays. Remember these are for security not some novelty, they need to work better

Just joined up here. I just got a Ring 2 doorbell. Had my tech savvy kid set it all up for me. It is about 5 -8 feet from my router box and i have decent wifi. The 2 way talking very choppy. Not even remotely like the commercial I watched before buying. It is better than nothing at all, but not really what I had hoped for. Mine is hard wired into the house using existing power that my last door bell was on. That is not the problem.


Welcome to the wonderful world of ring, look around on these forum and see all the problems, good luck


+1 on that comment. I think a dog would have been a better investment

I just had a RSSI of a green 0, On my back bell, which is closer to router, and the video and audio was still choppy, then 10 minutes later, -67, according to ring “0” should be like a lan line, it was early in the morning, nothing changed but the RSSI. Choppy at “0” choppy at “-67” and every where in between.
Front bell, which is further, and on the other side of a brick wall, green-53, better RSSI, performance the same, I have a few friends that have the same complaints, laggy motion detection, choppy video and audio, put mesh systems in and a node close to Ring device, RSSI in the -60’s to -70’s
They should upgrade everyone to the pro with the 5GHz that are having problems, maybe that will fix a lot of these issues


Hey neighbors! Check out our Community post about RSSI to see what is considered good RSSI and how to obtain it best. Wifi can present many variables to be considered such as distance, router age/ type, network speeds, exterior wall material, and even in home appliances that might be blocking signal along the way.

If you think an extender is necessary, our Chime Pro is a great way to extend the reach of wifi signal to your Ring devices! :slight_smile:

Maybe this would be a nice FREE addon for all the people having issues with the wireless problems of the RING Pro

As stated earlier, a lot of people in here have tried the things ring always blames the problems on, with no better results, my environment is better than average conditions as it sounds with most people here also but I’ll state it again
Distance: 1 bell is about 30 feet, second bell is about 20 feet with 1 interior wall
I installed a new router, tried a mesh system, and a extender
Network speed: 200 down, 20 up as well as moved everything to 5GHz from the 2.4GHz so only your bell is on the 2.4
The only way this could be better is if your R&D lab was my home because it seems like these things aren’t made for average real world conditions
All my other devices on my network work with no issues, some are more demanding then the bells
In reading many threads in here on the problems, white noise, laggy motion detection, choppy video and audio, it is always the same CS reply, these problems defeats the purpose of installing these bells, random, inconstant performance with misleading advertising of the quality
It also appears in these forms, that ring is quick to send a replacement only for the replacement to have the same issues which leads me to believe that most issues are not environmental problems with the consumer but issues with the bells

If the devices were the issue, everyone out there would have the same problems. I do not have any. Everyone I know friends, family and co-workers do not have any issues. How can a business make devices that don’t work and not make the news. So it is mainly environment of each devices location. Something is causing the problems but people refuse to think anything is wrong on their end. Just like cell phones.

There are different production runs of products, i’am sure, just because there aren’t more complaints yet, doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems, I have friends also that are experiencing the same problems and keep throwing more money to try to fix them. People that make there way to product forms are usually a small % of owners, good or bad

Remember, these hacking issues that are just coming to light appear to have been going on for awhile, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist and i’am sure it’s not going to be all the consumers fault
Every car that is built, doesn’t have to be recalled when they discover a problem, only the the ones that have an issue
I have no problems on my end, and if you know what is wrong, I would be happy to try, my network is solid, I can stream 4K at a further distance of these bells and other network tasks, I guess if it was me everything else would suffer too, but I don’t see it

True, some product runs have issues. Nothing is %100 perfect.
As for the hacking… It’s the users. The devices haven’t been hacked. The users were not following common sense security for internet devices.
I once had a problem with a camera I bought years ago. I have gigabyte internet speeds. I have a great router with extenders. I can cast 4k Dolby Atmos throughout the house. I tried everything to get this camera to work. It wouldn’t connect at all. I called them and tried everything they asked. I was going to send it back thinking the camera was junk. It turned out that the phone I was using had a special setup with it’s wifi that I did not know of and of course the camera support didn’t either. When my phone went to connect with the camera it would connect to the camera and then by it’s settings flip over to data since it saw no internet with my wifi connection to the camera. Once I figured this out and turned it off, it connected without any problem. So, something as stupid as this caused my issue. Back then it was a new feature on the cellphone. Now I know to check for this. But this is why so many have problems. All these little things that are new or just unknown to people and support. I can’t imagine being a customer support agent today. There are so many phone models with different operating systems and versions. The same as internet providers, routers and everything else. One small glitch in any if these can cause problems. I’ve been a volunteer moderator on a major phone manufacturer for 10 years now. I see it first hand and it’s getting harder to help those people from around the world.
I wish I had the magic answer for your issue as well as everyone but there is none. It may be your router not having ports open, it may be your phone and so on. I hope you can figure it out or maybe find that glitch that’s stopping you from using you device.

I have the same issue - hard wired, no issues with my wifi…and it’s super choppy - unable to have a convo with person outside! BUT video is great to have

I have the same issue. The moden is directly above on the second floor. No one can understand me when I talk to them thru my samsung android. I haven’t asked for a replacement, but it sounds like from other posts that that wasn’t the solution

Yes same problem here. Literally just installed it. Distance to router 15ft.

My Ring 2 unit also seems to have the excellent additional issue of extremely low (almost inaudible) speaker volume.

I also don’t wish to hear any flannel about low bandwidth or latency. If my kids can stream multiple high def videos and skype is flawless then it points to the Ring devices.

So with the two issues together, this product is largely pointless. The Basic subscription service I also have also becomes a waste of money. So, the product doesn’t do what is advertised and the service is redundant.

From all the complaints listed here and also in the other thread regarding low volume, Ring Team, you have a serious and urgent problem to solve for us all. What are you doing about it?!

I have the same issue with my Ring 2 and Google Wifi. There is a Google Wifi device about 2m from the Ring yet it complains about poor connection. My Google Wifi Mesh reports Great or Ok connections to all wifi points. Google Wifi Device test of the Ring reports a 26Mbps connection. Ring’s “bandwidthplace.com” speedtest shows 16.73Mbps download and 8.18Mbps with a ping rate of 34ms (way below what other speedtests show, eg 40.9Mbps, 18.5Mbps, 7ms).

Video quality is average but sound is unusable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve things?

I have -34 I have Unifi AC Pro APs that are meshed. I took one of my AP’s and put it right on the other side of the wall. Solved that problem. It went from -65 to -34.