Poor Ring Use

I have had my Ring for many years. The professional hard wired one. It doesn’t function properly! It doesn’t record for long enough at a time. It stops recording mid action. The sound is non existent. The quality is terrible. Not happy with the paying service. I am disabled. Can’t speak on the phone, there must be a better way, via email or chat. Otherwise I’ll have to contact the American Disabilities Act Office.

Hi @NicoleGee. While we don’t have email or chat support for device troubleshooting, we can help provide some general assistance here on the Ring Community. Which Ring Doorbell or Camera do you have? You can locate the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. While you’re checking for the model name, also check what the RSSI is on the Device Health page. This is a measurement of how strong the wifi signal to your device is, and can help us in narrowing down the cause of any issues.