Poor range of motion sensor on Stick Up Cam Solar (3rd Gen)

Why is the range of the motion sensor on my Stick Up Cam Solar (3rd Gen) so poor? I am a loyal customer of Ring products and have been for over 8 years now, so I know all the settings very well. When I had the first generation of Stick Up Cam, the range of it was much larger. As of today, I have 3 Stick Up Cam Solar (3rd Gen), and on all of them I experience the same problem. So, I have to get quite close before the motion sensor detects it and alerts. Is there anything I or you can do to improve the range, or is it like that I have to start looking for other types of cameras?

Hi @Imic. Can you share some information on how your Stick-Up Cam is mounted? How high is it mounted, and what is the angle at which it’s mounted? If you share a screenshot, if will provide us context on the situation and allow us to offer better troubleshooting information.