Poor quality, ring stick up cam

Recently bought new stick up cams and the quality is terrible. They are unable to read a number plate from 30ft away and you cannot identify anyone by their face.

They seem to be working fine and the wireless signal is 50. I’ve had better visuals out of a cheap Chinese 720p camera.

Any ideas before I send them back and cancel the subscription?

Hi @Marty4938. The Cams are not really designed to read small numbers from 30 ft away. They are designed to detect motion. These Cameras record in 1080 HD, which should be great video quality.

Hi Tom, well a number plate from 30ft away should be easy to see. I can’t even read a number plate from even 18ft away with the cameras as the video has been compressed/re-coded to within an inch of its life.

It doesn’t really matter if the cameras are 1080p, what matters is the bitrate and compression used by ring. These cameras replaced cheap 720p cameras from China and the quality is much, much worse.

Really dissapointed with them. As soon as I’ve acquired some replacements they’ll be going back, and to think ring wants people to pay a subscription for this junk.

So to give tom and potential/existing customers an idea on just bad ring are throttling their recording via compression/re-encoding I ran an experiment.

A 14 second 1080p video from a ring stick up cam came in @ 0.99MB

Using a cheap Chinese camera, a 1080p 14 second video tops out at 25.66MB using the same format, same scene. As expected much better quality.

Absolutely shocking that ring are misleading their customers like this, 1080p means nothing if its using a 0.2Mb/s connection.

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