Poor product quality and customer support

Purchase the Ring Alarm Wireless 10-piece Security Kit from Costco. Not able to activate the base station. Called the Ring tech support and he had same problem with activation. Finally he suggest me to do the factory reset on brand new unit. After that activate of all sensors, base station and extender. Found one door/window sensor doesn’t work after the install, so remove the sensor and call the Ring tech support on 5/9/20 and he mention that sensor need to replace and he will send the another sensor under warranty. I haven’t got any confirmation or replacement sensor for 1 week, so called the Ring tech support again on 5/16/20 and another tech support told me that previous tech support didn’t submit your warranty replacement ticket. He process the ticket on that day and mention that he will expedite the shipping. He mention that you will get the email for confirmation of shipping. I haven’t received any confirmation email and sensor up to 5/20/20, so call the ring support again. Ring representative told me that they ship the product 5/19/20 by ground. I was surprised that they ship it by ground instead of air. She don’t have the authority to make any decision, so i was on the phone for more than 30 mins and after that she told me that i am not able to help for expedite the shipping.

Also ordered the another two door/window sensors (2pakc) from amazon. Found One sensor came in Ring original packing and other sensor came in different box with ring label-repack and senor and hardware was loose in the box. Found repack sensor doesn’t work. Return the sensors to Amazon.

Its almost 1 month to set-up the security system for home and its not done because still waiting for replacment. Also told last representive that i want to buy some other product from Ring, so give me some discount on that due to issue of product and very poor customer support and she refused to do it .

Poor Quality of Ring security system and poor customer support servcie, I will never suggest to any to buy Ring security system. After that i drop the plan to install the Ring security camera and door bell

Hi @rpp. Thank you for coming into the Ring Community to detail your experience during this time. I apologize that this seems to have taken a lengthy amount of time to get your replacement device and get your security system fully set up. This is not the kind of experience that we want our neighbors to have. I will ensure that your feedback is passed onto the appropriate teams so that we can get this addressed for the future and avoid things like this happening to our neighbors.

If you find that you do not get your replacement device within the next week, or when it says the package is expected to arrive, please let us know. We will be happy to assist as much as we can, but please note that we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, so our scope of support may be limited in comparison to our direct line to support over the phone. Thank you again for sharing your experience, neighbor.