Poor person detection when the person is not "clean"

I am having trouble with the person detection.

In most situations my Ring Floodlight Wires Plus identifies people correctly and swiftly. But in some cases it doesn’t.

When the person has something added to him or her, the Ring camera suffers. For example, when walking with a dog or pushing a cart of groceries. In these instances the person detection algorithm is either slow or not working at all.

In this example: Ring Floodlight Cam Plus only half seeing the person re-passing the camera - YouTube
a delivery man comes with our groceries at night. He is pushing a lot of boxes in front of him, and the Ring camera does not recognize him as a person. So the Ring camera has no footage of him.

Only on his way back, halfway through the lense, it sees him. And it is only seeing him when he is half way past the driveway, probably confused by the now empty cart, needing extra time to identify him. But since the cart is empty (and not full like on the initial passing), it ends up finally identifying the person.

Here is the same situation captured by a Netatmo Presence camera, which without issues sees the man passing and re-passing the driveway: Netatmo Presence camera capturing full passing and re-passing. - YouTube

Motion sensitivity os set to High. The motion zones are properly set and detects persons when they are “clean”. The camera is placed exatly 2,75 cm in the air (9 ft).

Are you working on improving situations identifying people, when they are walking with/carrying something?


Just to add, the problem with the not-clean person detection seems to only be a problem at night - even when there is actually a lot of light.

In the daytime the algorithm works a lot better with fast detection of persons.

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Here is another example.

The Ring floodlight almost misses me, but records me just as I leave the area. Ring camera - almost misses me - YouTube

The Netatmo Presence has no problems seeing me entering the driveway even though the light is much worse on that camera: Netatmo detects me perfectly - YouTube

The Ring camera is a few meters closer to where I enter the driveway and still it cannot detect me until very very late when I walk the dog.

Any reaction on this? Or is this just a feature?

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Hi @Ssamsonice. I appreciate you taking the time to share different video examples. Smart Alerts, including the person detection, are designed to help reduce unwanted motion notifications and control which types of events are and are not recorded. Detection accuracy can vary based on factors like the time of day and the angle the Floodlight Cam is installed at. You can try adjusting the angle of your Floodlight Cam, or turning Smart Alerts off. Some neighbors prefer not to use it as they find it doesn’t work best for their home environment. Regardless, the feedback you’ve shared is appreciated and I’ve noted it with my team.

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I find the person detection on the floodlight camera quite unreliable at night too. In fact sometimes friends can walk up our driveway to the door and there is not even motion detection. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes even a cat on the roof of the car will trigger a person detection. I have had the camera for a year now and I was told the AI would improve over time, but it hasn’t.

Note, I have spent a very long time tuning the zones and sensitivity, so I don’t think there is anything else I can do.

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