Poor notification performance following latest Android app update

Is anyone else experiencing unreliable push notifications (for motion and doorbell ring) following latest app update on Android? Since latest update the push notifications are awful, sometimes happen, often don’t. Missed multiple motion events and rings of doorbell over past few days only to find them later when I’ve gone into the app but never received a push notification. I’ve tried logging out and also reinstalling but no better. This update was the one where rich push notifications were introduced. No matter if I turn the rich notifications back to normal ones it still behaves the same. It would appear ring haven’t tested properly before releasing latest app update.

Hi @Marty21. I know you mentioned that you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring App, but I’d recommend trying this step again but make sure you restart your phone before reinstalling the Ring App again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can refer to this Help Center Article on troubleshooting notification concerns for Android devices specifically. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: