Poor night visibility with doorbell video 2


My day visibility is great, but night isn’t and I don’t know how to improve it. Please see the attached picture. I have windexed it, and even tried putting a small awning type thing over it, neither worked. I live in a city that has had riots recently and would like the security of knowing what’s happening outside my property. Thank you!

Hey @rosegarland1. I totally understand how important it is to know what’s happening outside your home, especially at night. Could you remove the small awning that you have put above the Doorbell? It seems like the IR filter is reflecting off of the awning, so could you see what this looks like when you remove the awning? In addition, do you have any lights directly above the Doorbell?

Unfortunately this is without the awning. It just has the porch light near it. Thanks for replying!