Poor night video quality

Recently replaced a Stick Up Cam Battery with a Spotlight Cam Battery and I’m shocked how bad the night video quality is for the Spotlight Cam compared to the Stick Up. Exact same spot. Is there anything I can do? I’ve already tried changing settings with no difference. Did I get a faulty camera?

I only have a spotlight battery cam but I can tell you the night video is not great. The video is signficantly better with light - so you should try enabling Light with Motion setting, OR use an exterior light. Note, the spotlight will NOT turn on however if you have an exterior light that illuminates in any way, the actual camera with I have pointed out to Ring on this forum as a deficiency that should be corrected as many folks undoubtedly buy the spotlight cam with the expectation the spotlight comes on with motion. It should not matter if you have on a porchlight or other, and we are missing the “surprise” factor to burglars and others when the spotlight does not come on. It is unreasonable in my opinion to have to find a location completely devoid of any light so the spotlight comes on at night. Many folks have a porchlight or exterior lighting.

You will also find that with exterior light (which will disable night vision), not only is video quality better, but the camera is much more sensitive to motion and will start recording sooner with motion. I did a lot of experiments with this.

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