Poor Detection Range

Recentl;y purchased a stick-up battery ring camera. I have it outside looking up the drive at our two cars. It’s at a height of rought 8-9ft (cant go higher without going a lot higher due to house layout).

One main concern I have is that the detection range is very poor 10-15ft. I thought they were supposed to be atleast 30ft. I have looked at the motion settings and the only options I get are zones and sensitivity. However some help articles show a range slides. I dont get this.

Any thoughts?

Hey @Pokit101. What position do you have for the Min to Max slider under your Motion Zone settings? Having it closer to Max should help capture the motion that is happening further away, but depending on the view the camera has, it may still be restricted. Do you mind also sharing a screenshot of what your Live View looks like?

Camera will detect if lucky if I go the the back door of the front black car. Ideally I want to nearer the red but dont expect to get the red fully covered

Hey @Pokit101. Could you try putting your Motion Sensitivity Slider all the way to MAX and then adjust your Motion Frequency to Frequent? This should help ensure you get the most of the motion detection, and in addition, if you have People Only Mode, try turning this off more. People Only mode may ignore more of the area around the cars when on, so turning it off if you have it on should help too!