Poor customer service with returning broken part

I received a motion sensor that is not working and the amount time I already spend getting this resolved is ridiculous. First chat, then phone call, another phone call, needed to email picture of it, second picture requested, needed to call again. And still no replacement. Who has 3 hours to deal with getting one broken sensor replaced (it was delivered broken). Very disappointed

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Hi @Tee2. I’m sorry, this isn’t the experience we want you to have with our support team or with your Ring devices. When it comes to getting a replacement for any broken Ring devices, our support team is the one that will handle that. I know you have reached out to them before, but I would recommend following up with our support team once more in order to check on the status of your replacement. Make sure to mention that you’ve called before, and they should be able to go back and look at that so they can see what the status is. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. :slight_smile: