Poor Customer Service- Smart Lock

I am really disappointed in the Ring Customer Service.

I am trying to get the Ring Alarm to lock my door (assuming it is unlocked) when I enter ‘Away’ mode. I have these options selected in my app. However, upon testing, nothing happened. The poor customer service people said this isn’t an option. Why would Ring enable this if it isn’t an option?

Also- just curious, assuming this app works as it is supposed to- why wouldn’t I have the option to lock my doors when I use the ‘Home’ mode?

When integrating a Works With Ring lock, you should be able to lock and unlock your door through your app, with a key, or by using PIN codes you can share with friends and family members. In the future, you will be able to arm your Ring Alarm by simply locking the door as you leave or disarm the Alarm by unlocking the door when you get home.

Check out our Help Center article about integrating locks for more info. :slight_smile: