Poor connection

Poor connection
I did a reset on my router and modem did a reset on iPhone and ring still says poor connection notice this I only on my ring camera on my iPhone my other camera I have our fine what is causing this to happen sometimes it says weak connection but everything is good

Hey @Swilsons1989. For your device that is saying it has a poor connection, what is the RSSI for this device? You can learn more about RSSI and what it means here in our Community post.

Rssi is 39

@Swilsons1989 Could you please reach out to our support team here over the phone about this concern? Since you have a decent RSSI value, our team will need to look into this further on your personal account with your device to determine what the root cause of this may be. Our team should be able to walk your through doing a speed test on the same WiFi network as the Ring device with this concern to see where the concern may lie, or if this needs to be escalated up further.

Experiencing same

Hello @Swilsons1989, have you fix the poor connection on your door bell camera? If so, can you help me out I have the same issue. I’ve already reset modem/router did a speed test 250+mbps but my doorbell still shows por connection.

Hi I have not did everything still says poor connection and sometimes says weak connection from my iPhone to camera it does this on all my ring camera notice it started last month my cable company said everything looks good in there end I am trying to get hold of att but they are extremely busy right now I even did a erase all content on my iPhone still having issues