Poor connection with a 11Mbps connection

Tonight I noticed my doorbell 2 was saying “poor connection” very week. The app shows it at RSSI-45. This has just started, gone months with no issues. It is connected to my google fiber wifi hub which is about 10 feet away. The google fiber page shows a connection speed of 11MBPS wireless to the doorbell. That should be plenty fast so why am I getting a poor connection message? Firmware is up to date on the doorbell.

Thanks, john

I am having the same issue. My sped tests are coming back 272 download and 39 upload. I get a movement alert but it’s all black. When I try to view live it’s says poor connection which it’s not. This is something new to the device. I had my ring for almost a year with no issues.

Not a good feeling when I get an alert at 11pm and can’t view the video

I am having the same issue with WiFi connection. It has been working pefectly fine & about 3 wks ago it started saying ‘poor connection’. I bought a new Chime Pro WiFi Extender b/c the Ring service rep told me my current one was ‘probably’ bad. Installed new Chime Pro & it’s still the same. Bought a WiFi Extender from AT&T (all though my wifi is stong according to AT&T) and still having the same issue.My RSSI is -57. (I do not really understand what a good RSSI # is but it is ‘green’ on the app & not in ‘red’ so I guess it’s good.) Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Re: Poor connection with a 11Mbps connection