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Just purchase ring Pro I’m satisfied with everything except the audio quality. Someone rings the bell they cannot understand what I am saying it sounds garbled like I am talking through a a vibrating tin can. I maybe can understand 1/3 what the person is saying on the inside of the house. I have strong WiFi I even tried the ring Wi-Fi extender my RSSI is at 50. I have a 24 volt 40 VA Transformer I set it up to bypass the doorbell I also tried powering it through the doorbell. Unless someone has any other ideas I am at the end of my rope. I don’t know I just got a defective one or not. I am contemplating going to a different brand
of video doorbell

I’m having the same issue and this is the Device I got as a replacement. How do I kill the constant background noise?

I am on my second Ring Doorbell Pro. I still have nothing but constant background noise even when no wind is about. I have really good upload and download speed and I have even changed the Wifi from 2.4 GHz to 5Ghz. Still have background noise issues.

Please help

Really sympathise with you, as I have problems with ours, sounds like there is constant wind blowing over the Mike, even though the air is still! Not sure that I trust the Ring device anymore, as it fails to pick up movement sometimes!

Hey neighbors! We have a Ring Help Center Article here that goes over how to fix poor audio quality by making some adjustments to your router. If you find that none of the steps taken in this article help out the audio quality, please reach out to our support team here.

No, your answer is something I would except from a fresh out of school level zero tech person to say. I have been in the IT field for about 30 years how about you Chelsea give this to a Tier 3 or 4 Tech.

If you think I would not of tried to do a channel change or an increase 2.4 GHz to 5GHz before I posts stiff like this him you need to have better people supporting you Customers.

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Also you Support page does not cover the issue I’m having.

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Same here, Jefferey,

I moved an AP very close, 10 feet, from this doorbell. Still garbled audio.

Changing the channel doesn’t fix the garbled audio.

Also tried **2.4 GHz and ** 5 GHz radio. No change.

I just put up a ring pro to replace my 20 year old doorbell system that used to ring me via a landlane.

I replaced it as I wanted full duplex audio.

Hmm well this ring is not giving me full duplex, only half duplex.

I own a computer store and i’m an IT technician so my wifi in and around my house is good.

Well not good enough for the ring it appears. RSSI -65

I have now tried numerous things which didnt bring it down below -60.

In the end I brought home a tenda mesh kit and put a mesh box within 4 feet of the door bell and wow - 40, may as well make these rings hard wired if you’ve got to stick a repeater right next to it.

well the audio is still hapf duplex like a 2 way radio.

I start talking to the person at the door and as a car drives past them so it cuts me out and I hear the car then I started talking again and you end up each other talking over each other at the wrong time so you dont get a full conversation

I have just changed from blink and Swann to try RING. But the sound quality is rubbish on both camera and door bell. By modem is only 12 feet from the camera ! Spent an hour on line with RING but items still not working. Not sure how to get them working like the other manufacturers. Any ideas or tips

I truly believe that Ring/Amazon are not willing to fix this. It is not the Wifi connection. I have 4 of them around my home – the Video is normally excellent – audio ABSOLUTELY horrible. I can never hear or speak clearly – might as well have a barking dog. I have own mine for about 3 years now and tried everything (I have extreme internet and Wifi connections), but the audio has allow be dreadful. The commericals shown of someone talking to another via the Ring camera is not accurate at all.

Ive been having the same issues with poor sound quality on my ring pro front door cam and various out door stick up cams. it sounds like a normal tone of voice when speaking, so the person on the other end can’t make out what your saying when notifying them. I did call the support desk a few months ago and they had me troubleshooting for them which took way too much of my time, like an hour. I let them know that I needed to get going, because I feel that they should just be troubleshooting the issue and not the customer. I really do like the ring products except for the sound quality. Just please fix my issue is all. I’m really planning on moving on to a different company with reliable products.

Hello JP68
I spent far to much time with their customer service. They sent out three a total of replacements and then I gave up . The picture quality is good but it is very difficult to hear voices clearly.
I did say to them (as I also have some blink cameras ) that they should take a leaf out of their book of buy them and use their microphones!!!

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I have been complaining about this for over two years. One excuse after another. It’s poor Wi-Fi when I’ve got two hundred megabit service and everything else is perfect but the audio is still choppy. EVERYBODY that I know that has the ring doorbell has the same problem. EVERYBODY! Good luck.

Hi sharkpai,

Yes, im with you on this. I have been wondering how the people on RING TV have such good audio with loud and clear messages to whomever they are speaking with. I have the best Wi-Fi connection possible, but yet the audio is very poor for me. Guess I will need to figure out another option since there is no good support or sulution for this. If anyone finds out how to fix all this, please share.

Thanks for listening and good luck to all!

It’s not the wifi. I’ve got the Ring Elite. It’s hardwired through ethernet. The sound is awful. I can’t understand anyone speaking at the front door.

I’m sure all of you understand it’s not the WIFI, but I wanted to confirm it’s definitely something else.

Same thing, I have 4 cameras on PoE and the high pitched background sound make it impossible to understand anything outside. Same thing for the door bell on the wifi.
Test #0, (yes, I’m an IT, I start at “0”), I set up a QoS on the switch and the router to prioritize the camera’s traffic. Didn’t make anything better.
Test #1 I moved one of the camera indoor, in a very quiet environment and I still have that larsen-ish sound during live view or recorded events.
Test #2, since I saw on the support page that the internet bandwidth could be an issue, I plugged the camera directly on the router, alone on a 1GB/s internet connection (still indoor obviously,but with usb power since the router isn’t PoE)… And guess what? Same issue!
Test #3, try the 4 other cameras (still alone on the router), the oldest one is 6 months old. All have the problem still.
Test #4, I asked a friend who has also the elite on PoE on a 1GB/s connection on a different provider, he is also unhappy.

I believe Ring has its head stuck in the sand and do not want to admit that they have an hardware issue.

Did anyone have a solution for this yet? I have perfect video and complete garbage audio.

I installed a RING Video Doorbell Elite that is hard wired, and the audio is reported to be terrible. And it is. The homeowner and on their phone cannot have a basic conversation with whomever is ringing. I will be experimenting on this as i have the RING Access Pro tied to the system leaving me sort of stranded. I will post what i find out.

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