Poor Audio Quality via Ring App

Hi all,

So I’ve just purchased and setup a ring indoor camera after getting a wired doorbell and finding the doorbell really good.

The video on the camera is perfect but the audio is terrible when I use the ring app to use two way audio. I’ve seen articles and posts about the same, including in the help section some details about testing numerous things, all of which I’ve tried with no avail.

One thing I did try, just to check, was to use the Amazon Alexa app to view the camera and try to talk, which works perfectly well and the quality is far superior to when I use the Ring app?

Is there something I’m missing or do I just have to either return the item or use the Alexa app to communicate?


I should add, the audio on the doorbell is perfect via the Ring app, no issues with that.

Hi @danrst. If possible, can you please share a short video recording demonstrating the audio quality on the Ring app and on the Alexa app? I’d like to check with my team regarding the difference in audio quality to see if there are any general troubleshooting steps I can provide.