Poor audio indoor cam

I have just purchased and installed a Ring indoor cam.

When ever I try and use the 2 way talk and say something, the camera takes that word and turns it into a repeating psycho movie screech, which gets louder and louder?

Not what I was expecting from Ring. I have followed all the trouble shooting tips but it remains the same. What is the use of 2 way talk if it is just going to screech?

Can anybody advise please? Thank you

Hi @user51894. The sound that you are hearing is known as Audio Feedback. The microphone on your cell phone is picking up the audio from your camera and creating a feedback loop. This is why the audio stopped when you turned of the microphone on your phone. To avoid this, don’t use the audio in the same room as the camera.

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Tested and can confirm you are correct.

Many thanks Tom.

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Hi @user51894. Happy to have helped!

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