Poor app design

One of the most counterintuitive apps I’ve seen in a long time. Apple would have never permitted someting as incoherent as this, in any of its products.

One example: in the live view there is a row of three icons, all of them of the same size, but two of them are toggles, while the third one is a switch, it takes you to the timeline view. That’s a very poor design. the switching one should loook distictively different from the other two, size or location wise.

Another one: the two toggles both control the microphones, one in the camera, the other on the phone/tablet, but only one of them looks like a microphone. the other is shown as a speaker. That’s very unhelpful. You can do better Amazon.

We are just fellow users here so Ring developers aren’t going to see your feature suggestion.
Feel free to enter a Feature Request here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) to allow others to vote on. Higher voted items typically get the attention of the developers for possible inclusion in the future.