POE stick up cam with PoE Switch

I have 3 Stick up PoE cams. They work individually when I plug them directly into my Eero base. When I try to use a netgear PoE Switch so I can use them all at once, they don’t work. Any hints? I’ve tried Ring support, Eero support and Netgear support. No one can help.

Hi there, @cbelz! Does any single Stick Up Camera work on the Netgear switch, if only one is plugged in at a time?

This can confirm if the switch is rated to properly provide power and ethernet. Remember to use a Cat5 or higher. I recommend also attempting this with the Cameras plugged in to their other power adapter, as this can confirm if the Cameras will use the ports as ethernet connection, without the power. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: