PoE router requirements

I am looking at buying a router with PoE to power a Stick Up Cam (Wired).

Can someone tell me whether either of the routers below will be able to power the Stick up Cam via PoE correctly/safely please:

http://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/21797-ubiquiti-er-x/specifications/#content (Power input: 12v)

http://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/21798-ubiquiti-er-x-sfp/specifications/#content (Power input: Passive 24v)

Failing this, do Ring provide a list of compatible routers that will work with the Stick Up Cam?



Although we do not provide a specific brand of router, we wanted to send over this help article which explains PoE with your Ring device. Let’s see if other neighbors in the Community can chime in with some of the PoE systems they are using.

I prefer an individual poe injector for each camera rather than one poe switch. Helps with trouble shooting and if there is a failure.

One warning about poe switches, many do not have the total power capacity for devices on every poe port, so look carefully at the total power output, not just the advertised output for a port.

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@labrajaws which POE switch did you go with and did it work? I am having issues with the POE switch I purchased, it provides power correctly to the Ring stick up cameras and the doorbell elite, but no connectivity via wired Ethernet. So far, I nor Ring tech support have been able to figure out a solution. Although I’m not sure the POE switch is the problem as i get the same problem using the Ring Poe power adapter.

Hi Marley,

Please resend the link from your previous post on this thread. The link does not go anywhere. Thanks