Plug-in Indoor Camera won't connect, all other cameras do

Hi there,

I’m on my third different plug-in Indoor Camera attempting to connect to WiFi (eero Pro 6), but none of them will. After the attempt, the light will blink green with the message that the router is too far away, though none of them are.

The thing is, this issue only happens on the small indoor plug-in camera. The larger plug-in/battery stick-up cams connect fine, and I just set a new one up yesterday.

I spent close to 45 minutes on the phone with support, but they couldn’t figure it out, and when I look for flashing green light, I don’t see anything, so I’m hoping someone has had the same experience and figured it out, or confirmed it doesn’t work.

Hi @stnc. What troubleshooting steps have you done with this replacement Indoor Cam so far? If you haven’t already, I’d suggest trying a full reset by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After the reset is done, try to set the Indoor Cam up in the Ring App again. If that doesn’t work, try completing the setup on a different smartphone or tablet to see if that works. You can also find more in-depth troubleshooting steps for setup failures in our Help Center Article here. Let me know if any of these suggestions help. :slight_smile:

Hey @Caitlyn_Ring - So I tried all of that, and then what I ended up doing was changing the WiFi name to a single word (the previous had a ’ in it) and that ended up fixing it.

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@stnc I’m glad to hear you were able to get this resolved! That’s a great call out as special characters can sometimes impact different devices’ abilities to connect to wifi. I marked your answer as the solution in case other neighbors have a similar concern, as that information may help them as well. :slight_smile: