Plug in Cams

Hello, does anyone know how long the outdoor plug in security cams wire is? The reason I am asking is that I want to get the electric to power the plug in from my existing outdoor lights. I am going to use one of those light bulb plugs and plug the cam right into that. I just need a very short wire from the cam since I will be mounting it right under my existing outdoor light fixture. If the cam only comes with a very long wire; do you think that I could cut it to the short length that I need and attach a new plug to it? Thanks.

Hi @soccs11. Can you please share which model of Security Camera you are looking at getting? The cable length can differ between the different models of Camera. You can find all of the Security Cameras we have here. As for potentially cutting the cable, please note that this can void the warranty on your Ring device, so we don’t recommend dismantling your device or cutting the cables.