I recently bought 2 PLUG IN cameras off amazon and the set up went smoothly and all but as soon as the camera was ready to use it said battery is low and it wasnt allowing live view i tried going to amazon and they referred me here i tried calling but call was never answered was on wait alot two days went by and the camera finally started working so i figured it was a one time thing and that i would be fine Couple days passed probably 2 weeks and it did it again but this time it did that for 3 days left like how it was just hopimg it wouldn’t happen again but then couple more weeks they both say offline i bought a wired ring doorbell pro in between those weeks and it dosent have any problems at all the cameras say offline but the doorbell is perfectly fine sometimes they say low battery for one day or say offline for one day too it has happened to many times

Hi @Frank420. Ensure that the power cable is fully inserted into the camera, until you can hear and feel it “click” into place. You may have to push firmly to achieve this. Once you’ve done that, you can verify the power source in the Ring app under the Device Health section. If you are still having issues, try resetting the cam and reconnecting it to WiFi. You can do this be pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. Let me know if this helps!