Plug-In-Adaptor for Video Doorbell Pro

Questions for Anyone who has the Ring Plug-in-Adaptor for Video Doorbell Pro What is the Model Num. Can its 20ft. wire be lengthened? Also, is this the same model as the one with the same name & price listed on Amazon? The sizes seem to be slightly different which makes me think that there may be a Version 1 & 2. Thank you.

Hi @JoeK! When viewing the Pro Plug In Adapter page on, there is an image available showing more product information. The Plug In Adapter is intended to plug in and connect directly to your Ring Pro to ensure for consistent power flow. Feel free to check back here to see if other neighbours have shared their experiences with this! :slight_smile:

I’m in the U.S. The model number in the (US) picture is unreadable. Answers to the rest of my query are not in the specifications.

Thank you for the feedback, @JoeK. I’ve passed it along to the team. That model number reads DLA2420B for the U.S. Plug In Adapter.

Thank you for that information.

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