Plug In Adapter with Doorbell Gen 2

Hi Guys,
i want to hardwire my Ring Video Doorbell 2 battery-powered by using this Ring Plug-In Adaptor (2nd generation), can any one tell if its possable and how easy please,
Many thanks Phil

Hi @Phil35v8. Yes, the Ring Plug-In Adapter is compatible with the Video Doorbell 2. The Plug-In Adapter plugs into a standard power outlet and connects to your Doorbell to provide continuous power. You can learn more on the product page.

Hi Caitlyn,
so am i right in saying that the Ring Plug-In Adapter has 3 pin plug one end and the other end has 2 screw down wire clips ? and if so how do that conect to my door bell because at the moment i just see a plug socket that i plug into my solar charger {charging port},hope that makes sense,

Hi @Phil35v8. I am happy to chime in. Can you share a picture of what you are referring to?

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