Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) and Ring Video Doorbell 2

Hi All! New to the forum and have question. I tried searching around and found similar/related threads, but not this particular one. I have a Ring Video Doorbell 2 that is currently running on the battery, but I am thinking to hardwire it with a plug-in adapter. On the Ring website I found the Plug-in Adapter (2nd Generation) (Ring Video Doorbell Plug-In Adapter | Video Doorbell Power Adapters | Ring) which indicates that it is compatible. However, I have some questions: 1) This looks to be a DC output transformer, but I read in my manual that I am supposed to use an AC output transformer. Will this work? 2) I do not have a chime in the circuit and was planning to use a wire wound resistor as suggested. If I use this particular plug-in adapter do I still need the wire wound resistor? Thanks for your help!

@alex314 Yes it will work fine. All ring devices are actually DC it just depends if the conversion to DC happens at the transformer/adaptor or at the device. Keep in mind all this will do is keep the battery topped off with trickle charging. You may still need to bring it in to charge if it gets really cold outside etc. Also the doorbell still gets it power from the battery so it doesn’t become a wired doorbell with regards to functionality.

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@bemak187 Thanks! Do you know if I would still need the wire wound resistor?

So adding this trickle charger doesn’t gain the functionality of a wired doorbell, so I wouldn’t gain the pre-roll video previews by adding it?