Please help with google home hub and chromecast

Will ring please update to fully work with google. I was under the impression that it worked with google. I have linked it to my google but am unable to view camera on any google device


Hey @173rdbrandon! Currently, the extent of Google home and Ring abilities that we know of are as follows:

  • Recent Activity: Will tell you when the last even was, and what type of event.
  • Device Health: Will tell you the battery percentage of your devices, if applicable.
  • Record Clip: Will trigger your Ring device to begin a recording (video will not display anywhere other than the Ring application).

I hope this information helps! Feel free to share any requests you have in mind for this in our Feature Request thread :slight_smile:

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This request needs to be bumped up.


This needs to Happen. I purchased my Ring just before Amazon purchased them. Already was a Google Home user. This is so frustrating… Please adapt your products so they work cross platform… or Ill be cancelling my Ring subscription and moving to Nest


Please fix this.

come on Ring… Not working with google home nest??? This must be easy to solve…

Your custumers want it, and the internet is full of it