Please help- Slightly complex audio question with Fire TV AND Echo Dot and PRO

I need some help:

I installed for my elderly parents a Toshiba Fire TV. They also have an Amazon Echo Dot. All that went well - the TV and the Echo DOT recognize eachother and work together. I installed a RING video Doorbell pro and it works well with one quirk. When someone rings the bell, and you are inside the house- and you say ‘Alexa Show me the Front door’- the TV puts the Ring video on (Nice). However, to talk you say ‘Alexa talk to front door’ and the echo dot and the TV get into an audio feedback loop - with a louder and louder audio feedback problem. If I mute the TV - no problem the audio conversation is between the echo dot and the RING. If I don’t mute the TV- the TV audio feeds into the ECHO dot microphone and creates the feedback. Is there anyway to set it up where this does not happen? Has anyone in this community used a fire TV AND an echo dot AND a RING doorbell. It is a really nice set up-I just was hoping they could say ‘amazon talk to front door’ and that it would start the two way. Any ideas would be appreciated.

The easiest thing I can think of is to change the wake word for one device so they both don’t answer. The other is possibly go into the Alexa app and change which speaker should be used.

I thought of that too. Thank you though for suggesting it. They are not both answering- the DOT answers- and then sends the command to the TV to display the Ring video. All works. Then when the 2 way call is initiated, the dot uses its microphone and speaker, and the TV uses its speaker. The TV speaker then drives the feedback loop.