Please help me connect my ring gen 2

Please help. We were gifted ring gen. 2 and no matter what we have tried it will not connect to our wifi. I keep getting told it won’t grab the 5ghz and that I somehow need to be on the 2.4. How In the world do I do that? I’ve googled everything

I got the same message: we have 2 wifi connections through COX a 2.4 and a 5g we can only use the 2.4 connection: add pw and your in.

I don’t think Ring gen. 2 runs on 5g. Your dual band router should have a password and name for each band. When unit searches for networks make sure you select your 2.4 network name. If the system was given to you used, you may have to contact support if previous owners didn’t clear their user information.

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Modern routers with 2.5/ 5ghz normally work in tandem with each other, but it can cause problems with some items. What you should be able to do is split the bands, so you could have one ssid of home and one ssid of home_5G. Your doorbell should only pick up the home one. If you let us know which router you have, someone would probably be able to tell you how to do it.


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