Please add Schedule for Motion Activation to Ring Floodlights

I bought the Floodlight Camera thinking that I could set a timer that would completely control when the lights go on and off. However, as others have pointed out, the Light Schedules do not override Motion Detection. For example, if I set a timer for the light to be on from 6:30-8:30, and I walk in front of the camera at 7:30, the light will turn off after 30 seconds (at 7:30:30) instead of at 8:30.

The only way to prevent the light from turning off is to toggle off Motion Activation for the lights completely. However, this is cumbersome to do every time I want to use a timer. (The whole point of a Schedule should be “set it and forget it”.)

I think the correct functionality should be either:
(a) Schedules override Motion Activation or
(b) Motion Activation can also be set to a schedule

The reason I want this functionality is not particularly unique, and I am sure that incorporating this fix will make the product much more accessible. I am Sabbath observant, and don’t turn lights on or off from Friday evening to Saturday night, even indirectly. My community tend to avoid buying motion activated lights for this exact purpose - we don’t want to accidentally turn on lights on the Sabbath. Ensuring that the Motion Activation can be easily turned off (e.g., on a schedule) would make the Ring Floodlight Cam a potential solution for customers who want to be strictly Sabbath Observant, and still have Motion Activated lights for security.


Hi, I am looking for the same functionality as you are.

Was curious about one thing Can you explain what you mean when you wrote this?
"However, this is cumbersome to do every time I want to use a timer. (The whole point of a Schedule should be “set it and forget it”.) "

Hey neighbors, happy to step in and offer some clarification. If your Floodlight Cam is on a Light Schedule, motion detection should not interrupt it. Our teams recently identified and resolved a concern regarding Floodlight Cam Light Schedules not working correctly by applying a firmware update. Please note that any feature releases or app updates, including firmware updates, are always released on a slow rollout. This means other neighbors may receive the update before you, so make sure to keep your Ring app updated to the latest version.

It’s important to note that manually toggling the lights on or off will pause the Light Schedule until the next day. If you go into the Light Schedules settings and toggle this schedule off and back on, it should resume the schedule for the rest of the active period. I hope this helps clear things up, and apologies for any miscommunication. :slight_smile:

I would like to see an option for Light Schedules to be random on/off as a security feature.

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