Playback video freezes

When I go to view my playback motion videos there are parts where the video is frozen and then it continues to play. Can this problem be resolved. I have good WiFi connection on Ring #AlwaysHome here is a video.

I have this same problem. It’s really bad. A neighbor posted a video today and their video also has this problem.

What I’m seeing is about 5-10 seconds of normal recording, then it freezes for 5-10 seconds, then jumps forward in time and resumes normal play, and this happens several times per recording and on nearly every recording, and it’s in both the live view AND if I share a link to the recording, which means it’s frozen on your servers, and not just a transient issue with playback in my app. Seeing it here and on a neighbor’s app and on all 4 of my cameras makes me think it’s a Ring platform issue. Some of my outdoor cameras are about 10 feet from a WiFi router, so it can’t be a connectivity issue, at least not one that I control.

It freezes so often and so long that in a video yesterday both of my cameras missed a key moment of a rabbit running through my yard with my dog in hot pursuit. Might seem trivial but it’s important to me and part of the reason I enjoy having cameras, and he’s 9 and this doesn’t happen very often, so the moment is kind of lost forever now.

I’m seriously considering switching back to Nest, whose app has its own problems, but at least it has reliable recordings and full 24/7 playback history so I don’t need to rely on anyone’s motion detection algorithm to look up what happened.