Plastic peeling off on Ring Doorbell - Solution

Hey all, I was searching today and noticed a lot of people were having the same problem with their ring doorbell; a plastic peeling haze over the lens causing a blurry image.

Since there is no plastic cover replacement and seems people out of warranty were being offered a 35% discount for a new door bell (seems like a waste of electronics to pitch a Ring Doorbell due to a hazy thin piece of plastic.

I used a small amount of Meguiar’s Scratch X “for fine scratches and blemishes” on a micro fiber cloth and buffed it into the plastic lens cover. Buffed it out. I then used Turtle Wax Ice on the plastic cover; small amount.

Top photo is the haze caused by the peeling plastic.
Bottom image is after the treatment.

Can fix this problem for about $15.


Hi @Ryans88. Wow! This looks great! Thanks for sharing this technique!