Plastic “film” over the camera is peeling off/cracking

A few days ago when I was charging the battery in my Ring doorbell I noticed that the “plastic film “ on the front of the camera was cracked and peeling off. Ive had the product for 3 years now so this is not the film that protects the camera when shipped. This is a hard plastic film. This does affect the night vision in the camera so images are coming out fuzzy. Can this be replaced?

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Hi @TaoZeta. This concern sounds like it would be best addressed by our support team. Be sure to have a picture of your Doorbell handy so you can email it to one of our support agents during your support call.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please go here to see how to contact support.

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My ring just did this today. Did you get a good response from the ring team? Will they fix/replace it?

The same thing happened to me a week ago. I went online and did some research and realized there were multiple threads across the internet highlighting this exact manufacturing defect. I called support and pointed out the issue I experienced. I was asked to provide photographs of the physical defect that caused the camera picture blurry. I was told by the rep on the phone I would receive a full replacement unit. However 2 weeks later, I received an email from Ring that I will only get a discount to apply to a new unit. It is very disappointing this company will not stand behind their product and revert their position forcing me to spend another $350 to resolve this issue. I have yet to accept the discount code. I am not confident if my need to spend $350 every 3-yr on a doorbell makes any economical sense. If someone from Ring reads this, I very much appreciate a call back to have a constructive conversation about your company’s prevalent problem.

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Providing reference links describing same defects experienced by other Ring users on this community. The moderator limited me to attaching only 2 links. I encourage you to do a search to review the other posts.

This just happened to my Ring doorbell tonight!! Was putting in the newly, recharged battery and pieces of plastic were lifting up. Nighttime viewing has been somewhat blurry for awhile. Tried cleaning it to no avail. Ring seriously needs to step up & either fix this issue, offer a replacement or find a fix that customers can use to make it as good as new.

Happened to me as well. Called them and they would just give a discount. Horrible! Now every 2 years you need to purchase a new camera???

I’ve also experienced the same issue. I thought it was a protective plastic that somehow I forgot to remove but turns out it may be a coating they apply that dries up and peels off within a couple years.

I have also experienced the same thing. And as if perfectly timed it appears to have happened just after the 2 year warranty had ran out. Clearly the glue/plastic element is only designed to last long enough to pass the 2 year warranty so save having to replace anything for free and then you’re advised at the time of raising this issue that the doorbell only has an average life of 2 years and that you can buy the latest and greatest near £200 doorbell from their range! The best I was offered was a small discount for buying a new one. No option or offer to fix or replace the faulty part which must cost no more than £1! And on top of this they have increased the subscription charges this year by a huge amount. I for one will no longer keep up my subscription since the image on my camera is now foggy and in all likelihood not clear enough to help with identifying any individuals should the footage be needed for this purpose. Had Ring helped me fix the problem they could have had more money from me for years to come, but customer service pays and poor customer service doesn’t. So now I have a very expensive doorbell and Ring will no longer get my subscription fee. Thanks for looking after your customers with a high quality product Ring. Also, please update all product descriptions to advise that the 2 year warranty is your expected lifespan for the devices and that customers shouldn’t expect to be able to use them longer than this as I was told.

Hi @user18785. Our warranty details can be found here. If you subscribe to our Ring Protect Plus plan, this extends your 1 year warranty to a lifetime warranty, provided that you are still actively subscribed. If your device is out of warranty and determined to be in need of replacement, you have to option of accepting an out of warranty discount that can be used towards the purchase of a new Ring device. I hope this information helps.

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I am also experiencing this issue.

I have the protect plan, figured I would call customer support. They indicated there’s nothing they could do. Not sure what other folks have found from customer support, but the person I got was not very helpful.

They do not offer the replacement film for some reason. Would be much cheaper to send that out then replace a doorbell - which will be what happens with the direct exposure to the elements.

He told me just to take it off and spray with Windex.

Here’s what I did. Took a razor blade and held it flat to evenly remove remaining film in one piece. Then used goo gone to get any adhesive off. Next I tried Windex to clean it but that didn’t work so I used rubbing alcohol and it is wayyyy better than it was before when that crappy quality manufacturer film was cracking. Attached is my after pic. Hope this helps someone!

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In to add to the list of people with screens on a doorbell cam (Ring Pro) that needs to be replaced due to weathering only to find out that there’s no such part available.

They still haven’t figured out supplying a replacement screen would keep more people happy? I’m more surprised there’s not a 3rd party option yet.

Same thing happen to mine then I call very rude customer service

They do not stand behind their brand as this is clearly a defect on Ring

A lot of other options and better service other places

They should stand behind this issues

I’ve noticed the very same thing happen today…plastic film/coating on the front covering lens had partially come away/peeled off. Thought this was the original film but realised it wasn’t after reading the above threads. I tried to peel off what was already coming away (which was very brittle) but found that the film that was still attached, I couldn’t peel off and didn’t want to scratch it off fearing I would scratch the screen. Unfortunately what I did manage to peel off, didn’t come away perfectly which left a hazey blur on the front screen - I checked the view theough the camera and part of the camera view now looks blurry!
I rang customer services and the guy I spoke to wasn’t really a great help…could only offer me 30% discount off another Ring doorbell due to being out of warranty.
I asked about a screen replacement to which there isn’t. I have asked to speak with a supervisor with regards to this issue for either a replacement or even a better discount but no one was available today. Agreed for a call back tomorrow at 1pm when his Supervisor is at work midday! Will update tomorrow with their “solution” to the problem.

Hey neighbors. A neighbor in this thread here has found a great DIY solution to this concern. I suggest looking it over to see if you can benefit from it!

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also got offered a discount. in a similar vain to the turtle wax DIY solution, I taped my off and sprayed it with clear coat (found same aisle as spray paint). worked like a charm

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Thank you for your work! This thing has been junk since Day One.

I also am experiencing the same issue, but just today I got notified that the subscription will increase SLIGHTLY, as put by the representative, to 10.00 a device, increasing my subscription 20.00. I IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED! A slight increase is maybe a 1.00 or maybe 2.00, NOT 10.00 A DEVICE! You people are ridiculous! I’m a Police Detective and promote your devices often, I will now demote your product with this new information and hope to spread the cancellation bug to as many customers as possible! What are people powering your hard drives with PREMIUM GAS!? FREAKING CRAZY!!! BYE BYE, Not for me!

Hi @user34245. The information you have just isn’t true. The prices for our Ring Protect Plan subscription are not $10/device. There was a slight increase last year, from $3/year to $3.99/year-per device. So the increase is just as you’ve described, a slight increase, maybe a 1.00. With $10/month, this will cover recording for all devices at a Location. You can learn more about the Ring Protect Plans here: Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service | Ring.