Plastic film over camera cracked and peeled. Now got to buy a new one!

We’ve had our doorbell roughly 3 years and yesterday I noticed the film on the camera lens had cracked and started to peel away, leaving some behind and resulting in the image being blurry. I contacted Ring support about it this morning to be told there is no fix and nothing can be done as it’s not a known issue. As a result, the whole unit will need to be replaced but as it is outside of warranty all they can do is offer a discount code for a new device! (I can actually get a new one cheaper through Amazon without the discount)

Having a look on here afterwards it appears that it isn’t an isolated incident and it is a genuine manufacturing issue. It’s ridiculous that such a large company is happy to fob people off with subpar quality then expect them to buy a new one ‘at a discount’ when it inevitably fails a few years later.

I have the doorbell, alarm system and security camera, also paying £80 a year for the protect plan but I’m seriously tempted to sell the lot and buy with a different company who actually build their devices with some quality and don’t try fleecing customers over a known issue. Crazy that they are willing to throw away future income rather than providing a simple fix for a known defect! I will definitely be discouraging people from buying from Ring going forwards.

Same thing has happened to mine, i also pay the product plan which i was hoping on a replacement.
May as well just claim a new one for theft

Hi @user50835. If you are subscribed to a Ring Protect Plus or Pro Plan, you have an extended warranty on all of your devices. As outdoor fixtures, it’s likely your Doorbell will get covered in dirt and debris from time to time. Additionally, if you live in a climate which gets snow or sea salt spray off the ocean for example, those can accumulate on the lens surface and decrease visibility. We recommend wiping off your Doorbell with a damp cloth at every season change. Additionally, if they are exposed to direct sunlight, wear and tear can also happen.

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