Plastic Camera Cover

I am trying to find a replacement plastic cover for the ring video doorbell pro. Not the shell cover, but the clear plastic that sits in front of the camera. Mine has become oxidized and I cannot see through my camera any more. Is there a way to replace this?

Not that I know of. But you could possibly use the kit they sell for plastic headlights to remove the oxidized layer. Just a thought.

I noticed that the clear protective film on the lens cover was peeling off today… no doubt due to cosntant exposure to sun. It has left a blurry but in center of lens cover. There appears to be no replacement parts for this but will call RING at some point. FOr now I think I will try the headlight cleaner idea. I have some fine rubbing compound to use.

Don’t bother calling them, we just did and they do not have a replacement for it. Hubby is trying Soft Scrub on it right now. If that doesn’t work, he’ll think of something else.

I took some really high grit sand paper and sanded over it . The only draw back is that I couldn’t get it to buff back to shiny, so I have to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to it about once a month to keep it clear