Plastic Camera Cover

I am trying to find a replacement plastic cover for the ring video doorbell pro. Not the shell cover, but the clear plastic that sits in front of the camera. Mine has become oxidized and I cannot see through my camera any more. Is there a way to replace this?

Not that I know of. But you could possibly use the kit they sell for plastic headlights to remove the oxidized layer. Just a thought.

I noticed that the clear protective film on the lens cover was peeling off today… no doubt due to cosntant exposure to sun. It has left a blurry but in center of lens cover. There appears to be no replacement parts for this but will call RING at some point. FOr now I think I will try the headlight cleaner idea. I have some fine rubbing compound to use.


Don’t bother calling them, we just did and they do not have a replacement for it. Hubby is trying Soft Scrub on it right now. If that doesn’t work, he’ll think of something else.

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I took some really high grit sand paper and sanded over it . The only draw back is that I couldn’t get it to buff back to shiny, so I have to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to it about once a month to keep it clear

Curious if you had any luck with the compound. Mine appears to be more under the surface and I’m contemplating purchasing some thin, clear lexan at Home Depot and trying to replace it myself. At this point the camera is so cloudy, especially during the day, that it is almost useless so I figure what do I have to lose.

I purchased a Ring Doorbell Pro when it was first introduced almost 4 years ago. The plastic covering my camera has started to fracture therefore yielding fuzzy video. I also contacted support and was told no cover was available for sales. I’m going to fabricate a replacement out of either acrylic or polycarbonate.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! Thank you for sharing your experiences and solutions for other neighbors. For neighbors inquiring about replacement, I invite you to also check out our Warranty page, in which an eligible Ring device warranty can be extended by subscribing to a Protect Plus plan during the original warranty period, and maintaining the subscription on that device.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside the US, please go here to see how to contact support.

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Buy novus plastic cleaner it remove scratches in three steps.


This stuff works! My Ring Doorbell Pro had sun damage, it’s 3 years old. We were getting those blurry spots showing up on the video. And I was upset that I might have to buy an entirely new one. Thanks @user9874 ! It was really quick, just used a little bit of bottle 2, buffed it, then used number 3 then buffed it. Those sun damaged spots came right now. Now our videos are crystal clear.


We had the same issue happen with our ring camera. We used toothpaste and it cleared up the fogginess. I was very skeptical when my husband decided to try this, but it totally worked we used crest complete plus with scope advanced active phone

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Clearly you can see that we have had our Ring cameras way outside of a warranty. Since this seems to be an issue perhaps Ring can look into creating replacements for this. My camera faces 4 o’clock sun in Texas and that film just starting cracking off. Trying these solutions - hopefully they work.