Placing my next Ring - need advice

Hi everybody,

Looking to add a Ring Spotlight Cam (probably Plus) to the house to cover the side of the house. We live in an area of townhouses and one of the neighbors got their wall (which I want to cover) graffiti’ed this winter, I hope this can add an optimistic layer of dissuasion and if someone decides to have a go at our wall, we can find said artist. Below are pics of the wall in question along where I think I will mount the cam.

I’m thinking about going solar for this one as electrical wiring is not easy where I can install it. A few more considerations and questions:

  • How many hours of sunlight does the cam need to be charged, really? According to Ring a few hours is sufficient (2-3 I guess) what is your experience?
  • We live in Montreal Canada so yes winter is to be considered in this setup, any good “covers” for the cam itself wit a lid (like a baseball hat) to prevent snow from going into the lens? Any suggestions?
  • For mounting, the gutter mounts will not be usable I guess due to the distance between gutter in the pictures and the side we wish to monitor. Any suggestions? Am not the handiest person but like any good homeowner I have tools and willing to give it a go.
  • The floodlights are controlled by a Lutron Caseta dimmer in the house so I doubt I can use that wiring to power the camera. Am no electrician either :wink:

Any other input welcomed, odds are I forgot to think of something.


Hi @JPHebert. The amount of direct sunlight needed depends on the Solar Panel you are going to purchase. It can vary from 1-4 hours of direct sunlight needed. As for installation, I would recommend looking at our Security Camera Placement Guide in our Help Center. I hope this helps.

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